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  1. avatar jenni says:

    It was a good night in the Chequers when we had a beer and Carole night,I enjoyed going round with the tin bucket,and everyone threw in their loose change for the church roof.

  2. avatar val says:

    Just realised there is a section on the website for Church…. hmmm … have I been asleep for the past 12 months? Anyway – now I’ve woken up, I thought you might like a quick update on the situation with regard to repairs.

    As of the end of 2011, we have managed to get a selection of estimates for the work which needs to be done (roof, windows and stonework). It’s looking as if the total spend might be in the region of £50 – 60,000. We’re just about to kick off 2012 with some work on prioritising, and choosing the contractors. Then it will be the serious business of fund-raising and applying for grants.

    On behalf of the “regulars” in the congregation can I say a big thankyou for the efforts that are being made to build up the repair fund. It’s very much appreciated. We now have a little over £1,000 which has been rais ed so far.

    Look out for updates, and shout if you have a burning desire to get involved! (or even a passing fancy!) All volunteers will be welcomed with open arms….

    • avatar editor says:

      Hi Val. I added the Church page in October and I thought I told you but I cannot find an email to that effect so I’m sorry I didn’t let you know.
      Every month I add details of the church calendar and the cleaning rota so it will be good if you let everyone know how the fund raising and restoration work is going on a regular basis.

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