Council Meetings and 2017 Minutes

Anyone is welcome to attend the Parish Council meetings and have your say during the open sessions held at the beginning of the evening.

The next Parish Council meetings are planned for 3rd July and 16th August both at 7.30pm.

Below are the minutes of recent Parish Council meeting Agendas and Minutes (as agreed by the Chairman) in PDF / Word format (please note that minutes will be a month or two behind as they need to be written and approved before publication after a meeting):

Agenda 16 Aug 17
Agenda 3 July 17
Agenda 5 Jun 17
Minutes AGM 2017
Agenda AGM 2017
Minutes APM 2017
Agenda Annual Parish Meeting 2017
Mintues 25 Apr 17
Agenda 25 Apr17
Minutes 20 Mar 17
Agenda 20 Mar 17
Minutes 13 Feb 17
Agenda 13 Feb 17
Minutes 09 Jan 17
Agenda 09 Jan 17