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Fraudulent ‘Apple Pay’ Alert.

Fraudsters are targeting classified advertisement websites like AutoTrader to advertise vehicles for sale. Buyers are then contacting these ‘sellers’ to find out more about the vehicles and are being told to pay for them via ‘Apple Pay’. In this case the fraudsters are not using the genuine Apple Pay service and potential victims pay money directly to bank accounts in control of the fraudsters. Individuals receive emails claiming to be from Apple Pay with a web link to a cloned website with false terms and conditions of the ‘escrow’ service. Any money remitted to the fraudsters is then unrecoverable and the vehicles are not delivered.

Protect yourself: •Meet the seller ‘face to face’ and view the vehicle before parting with any money.
•Be cautious of web links in an email. They may not direct you to the genuine website.
•Report scam advertisements to the classified advertisement websites.
•If the vehicle is below market value, consider whether this is an opportunity too good to be true!


Don’t want nonsense calls over Halloween. Print out this poster as provided by Northants Police…..Poster found here…


Towcester Incidents

PCSO’s from the Towcester Safer Community team have this month dealt with a number of ‘Red Crosses’ which they found spray painted onto the road in Eastcote. One of these was opposite a parked vehicle from which fuel was stolen and the other opposite a house where its heating oil tank was easily accessable. The safer Community team are repeating all the usual adivce of keeping Heating Oil storage out of sight where possible and ensuring that it is secured with a lock of some kind. Also please be on the lookout for any red crosses sprayed onto the road and if you see any, phone CRIMESTOPPERS: 0800 555 111 immeadiately.


This page is to keep the you informed of police activities and any thefts, burglaries or other illegal acts that may affect the village.

NHW line is 01604 432436 or the police main switchboard is 03000 111 222. Christy and Margarets number is 01604 831020. People should not be afraid to ring the helpline or the police, they would much prefer to prevent a crime than be told of it afterwards.

The 101 non-emergency number provides you with a single, easy to remember number for you to report crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency police response. You will be able to call 101 to report a crime that has already happened and any other incidents or concerns that do not require an emergency response. You can also call it to speak to your local Safer Community Team, to make a general enquiry or make us aware of any policing issues in your local area. Calls to 101 from landlines and mobiles cost 15 pence per call, no matter what time of day you call or how long your call lasts.
999 should still be used in an emergency, such as when a crime is happening, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, someone is injured, being threatened or a life is at risk, or there is a traffic incident involving personal injury or danger.

If you have any hearing difficulties or a speech impairment, a text phone will be available on 18001 101.

For up to date information on Neighbourhood Watch issues click here…

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  1. avatar Christy says:

    I have passed this info onto the police, and they are on the lookout for this vehicle

  2. avatar editor says:

    Road Rage – We have a report of a number of occasions when members of the village have been harassed by someone on a motorbike. The police have been informed and have dealt promptly with the matter but we are keen to keep on top of this and if there are any more incidents then we are keen to keep the police notified. Please call Christy on 831020 if you have any experience of road rage in the village or call the dedicated NHW number 01604 432436

  3. avatar editor says:

    Report from Pattishall NHW 6 October:
    White vans and trucks cruising slowly! Residents have been reporting these trucks for the last week!

    Yesterday – A white tipper P545DTT has cold called a resident of Hodge Close to see whether he could have a washing machine that was on the drive. The man said his name was Gaskin.
    This has been reported to the police.

    Yesterday – White truck with open rear body cruising around Eastcote today approx. 13.10 hrs – clearly looking for scrap metal.
    Reg No. P545 DTT – appeared to go in Stan Bird’s farmyard briefly then slowly drove along the Gayton Road towards the Dalscote/Gayton T- junction. Reported to the police.

  4. avatar editor says:

    Report from Pattishall NHW (6th Oct):
    A small, dark 4 x 4, registration PE 51(maybe 57) VFX , driven by a man is his mid-twenties – dark haired and wearing jeans and a red top who was cruising the Green and Crescent.
    I kept hearing a weird squeaking noise, so went to investigate – it was the car’s brakes and I had been hearing them for a good 5 minutes before I decided to see what it was. I first saw him as he was backing towards my house from the old PO. He then drove up the drive to the houses behind, turned round and came straight back down and drove off slowly past the PO.
    A couple of minutes later I heard someone try my front door, the car was now parked to the right and I could see him peering through my lounge window, I was watching him from upstairs. Then he went over to Stone Bays, paused for a few moments at the front door and then came back to his car – he was on his mobile. He finally drove off towards Foster Booth Road.
    Might have been nothing but thought I should report it just in case. This all happened between 10.15 and 10.30am.

  5. avatar Christy says:

    Neighbourhood Dog Watch
    Following the hugely successful launch of Dog Watch in East Northamptonshire and Wellingborough, the Dog Watch team have extended the scheme across the whole county and are keen to invite all members of Community Connect to join as a member.

    Dog watch, originally developed in Stevenage as a way of extending the already successful Neighbourhood Watch network to the wider community, caught the attention of local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator Ian Blackburn-Elliot, who along with the Dog Watch team, have introduced the scheme to Northamptonshire.

    The scheme recognises it is often those who walk their dogs, runners or anyone who likes to get out and about, who are the first to spot something unusual or amiss, such as criminal damage or an incident of anti-social behaviour, providing valuable eyes and ears for the community.

    The scheme is open to anyone aged 16 or over and you do not need to be a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to join Dog Watch.

    The head co-ordinator Ian Blackburn-Elliot said: “It is a sad fact that the missing links in many crimes are often in out of the way places in our countryside, or areas without passing traffic. Dog walkers are often the means by which vital evidence is found, as dogs stray into areas not normally frequented by passers by.

    “It has been proved that the ‘Dog Watch’ scheme, not only has the potential to discover evidence, which may help to solve a crime, it can also make a difference to the surrounding community”.

    Chief Inspector Gary Ashton, a supporter of Dog Watch said: “Since its earliest days, policing has been a community activity. I am always keen to extend community involvement in policing. The Dog Watch Scheme provides such an opportunity, as dog walkers are frequently the first to discover something out of the ordinary in their local area.”

    To join the scheme, you can either click here: to complete the online application form or call the Dog Watch team on 03000 111 222 x 5724.

  6. avatar editor says:

    Details of recent burglary on Kislingbury Road:
    Between 8am and 11am on 11/07/11. Climbed onto ground floor extension to enter insecure first floor window.
    Items stolen include: Games console, camera, laptop computer and mobile phone.

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