Rothersthorpe Book Club

The Rothersthorpe book club has been up and running for the past 4 years and membership varies between 8 to 10 members. We meet once a month to discuss a book which was chosen at the previous meeting and we all (hopefully) have read!

This is a very, very informal meeting held at one of the memberʼs houses with a glass or two of wine and a few nibbles. One of the main purposes of the book club is for us all to be introduced to other genres which we may not have ventured into before. Being the “book club book” always helps you to keep with it – well nearly always. So at each meeting one member will choose the book that we will read for the coming month.

This year we have decided to give each member a category, the first of which is biographies. Alan Bennett’s A Life Like Other Peoples is our book for March and if anyone in the village has read this book or would like to comment on our choice we would be very pleased to hear from them on this web site. I will report back next month on our thought and our book for April.

Happy reading Brenda Ferguson

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  1. avatar Stephen says:

    I think it is probably best if you contact Brenda Bond as she is the driving force behind the book club.

  2. avatar Clare Gilby says:

    Does the book club still run? if so when and where?

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