2017/18 Planning Application Submission

*** update 24 June 2018 ***

So a second period of consultation has been instigated by SNC after months of negotiation and discussion over changes to the proposals in an effort to address all of the comments made by residents / SNC experts. So we have managed to gain agreement to remove the Security fencing and replace it with a ‘planted security border’. Initially the project team suggested a 10 buffer zone between the rear boundary of the properties on Church Street and the planted border, however this was dismissed by SNC as unlikely to address the security concerns raised by residents. As such we have agreed on a 5m planted border starting 1m from the fence line and 9m of uncut grass beyond providing a 15m buffer from the community space to the rear of those properties.
We’ve had confirmation after having to commission a noise survey addendum to look at the results against the latest planning guidance that we are within acceptable levels.
The one outstanding issue is still the access which has been back and forth to SNC Highways with numerous plans both suggested and then dismissed by highways. This is very frustrating and has added significant time to the application however we are now in a position whereby two options have been proposed which include narrowing the junction of Church Street to Banbury lane to increase visibility for pedestrians and vehicles alike and moving the crossing down Church Street. We await Highways response however I believe the SNC plan is that the application will go to a planning board in July with, if acceptable, both options for them to make a decision on the best fit.

The committee would like to thank all of those who have been involved in these extended negotiations, but mostly the village residents for your patience during what has been an extremely protracted planning application. I’m sure however that everyone will agree that due to the level of interest it has raised both for and against, it is vital that we get it right. As soon as a planning board date has been declared it will be updated on the front page of the website.

***** latest documents / plans are available on the SNC planning website *****

Planning has now been submitted and accepted by SNC. As usual, comments can be via the SNC planning pages ref PP-06394043.

Please find here documents pertaining to this planning application.

Design and Access Statement
Indicative Plan
Detailed Access Plan
Overlay Access Plan
Final Noise Survey
Community Space Questionniare Report
Village Survey Results 2012
Pedestrian Gate and Island
Emergency Entrance