Rothersthorpe Community Space Project

This page offers information on the progress of the Rothersthorpe Community Space Project.

*** Update ***

As of yesterday the Community Space Application has been formally withdrawn. This is as a result of advice from SNC who would like to see a number of areas clarified. The intent is to gather the extra information required and resubmit free of charge as soon as we have the details (early 2017 at the very latest). Should another guaranteed site, which is ready for immediate development be found in the interim, then we could review the application and potentially move our efforts towards that site. The committee would like to thank everyone who has supported us thus far, and rest assured we remain dedicated to ensure the village gains the use of a facility as soon as is physically possible.

*** Planning Document Update ***

Please see linked, a Policy Statement, an updated Indicative map and a technical overlay map created utilising GPS waypoints to support the Open Space Planning application.

CSP Policy Statement
Updated Indicative Plan
CSP Technical Overlay

*** Accounts ***

I was recently asked to publish the fundraising accounts. As such please see linked:

2014 Accounts.
2015 Accounts.
2016 Accounts.
2017 Accounts.

*** Update 21 Jul 16 ***

A long time coming, however a Full Planning Application has been submitted to SNC for a childrens play area and a playing field on the site off Banbury Lane. This has NOT included a club house / football field or car park as scoped in the pre-planning applications. The intent is to try and get this site up as quickly as possible should permission be granted. Of course individuals will have their opportunity to comment once the application has been published on the SNC website, and as always through your village councillors. The committee would like to thank supporters for their patience thus far, and hope that something tangible will be be place ASAP.

*** Update 02 Aug 15 ***

As a committee we have been doing some research, in particular asking other Parish’s about their play areas / community facilities in particular with regard to costs and any anti-social behaviour these areas may have attracted (two of the main areas of concern which we noted from the questionnaire). All the responses we have received have been very positive, with a small play area and possible playing field, looking financially viable with grants etc used for the setup, and small funding events held yearly to help towards its upkeep. Many reported little anti-social behaviour events affecting their areas, with some providing suggestions of how they have included many of the local children’s ideas so that they can feel a sense of ownership. Key thanks go out to Gayton, Weedon Bec and Bugbrooke for your particularly detailed responses.

*** Update 12 Jul 15 ***

Questionnaire results in tabular format as requested by Robert can be found here.

*** Update 30 Jun 15 ***

Well we’ve finally been able to compile all of the questionnaires and formulate them into a report. This is available here. Due to the size, this is the only realistic way of portraying the report. We will however place a hard copy on each of the notice boards by the weekend, and would ask that if you take it, please return it so that others may read it as well. It has also been sent to the Parish Council to provide them with visibility of our activities.
The report, we believe clearly articulates a desire for some form of development and in itself identifies our next priorities for the project which are to confirm costings and understand in particular how the ‘Trust’ might work. Once we have updates on these they will be posted as both will be crucial factors which could in themselves negate the project or expose greater opportunities.

The committee would like to thank everyone from the village who participated in the questionnaire.

*** Update 08 Apr 15 ***

So we’ve been around the village (a number of times) collecting questionnaires and would like to thank all of those individuals who have provided feedback. For those we were unable to catch, you can still have your say by popping your form through the door at 12 Kislingbury Road.
As stated previously it is hoped to have a DRAFT report ready by the 26th Apr (drop in session) ready to add any comments from that event into the final report. This will clearly be dependent on workload between now and then, but as we’ve already started compiling the results I am hopeful it will be achieved.

*** Update 18 Mar 15 ***

A number of you will already have your questionnaires. The rest will have been delivered by the weekend. They are in a white envelope clearly marked and, as stated on the sheet, we ask that you fill them in ready for collection on Sun 5th and Mon 6th April. Alternatively you can put them through the door at 12 Kislingbury Road once they have been completed if this works better for you. As a reminder we are talking about the development of the land kindly offered by Mr and Mrs Dickens which is located on the left just as you leave the village headed for Pattishall. If you find by the weekend that you haven’t received one then please let us know so that you can have your say.

It is planned to hold a drop in event on 26th April at the village hall. This will tie in with a ‘Soup and Puddings’ afternoon with funds raised going towards the project. Please come down and support this, timings are 12pm-3pm.

*** Update 01 Mar 15 ***

So the questionnaires are just being finalised and should be out shortly. Those keen eyed amongst you will have noted the change of title for the project. We feel this is more fitting with the direction of travel for the project as we might end up with something entirely different from a playing field. We ask that when you get your questionnaires that you engage fully with the concept to help us maximise this opportunity for the village.

*** Update 14 Feb 15 ***

So we have finally had a letter back from SNC and been able to digest their response. In short, they are extremely happy with the proposals that have been put to them, and the next step in the process would be to submit a full planning application. This is likely to require a considerable amount of work, and money, and as such it is important that we get it right. Within our pre-planning applications we went for the ‘golden’ solution to test the water, our intent now however, is to start again with a ‘blank’ plan and build up the site to encompass the village’s requirements. With this in mind we will be putting together a questionnaire for all residents (look out for this coming through your door) and holding a number of ‘drop in sessions to compile / discuss your thoughts. The intent will be to present to the new Parish Council when formed post election, for approval to move on. Questionnaires will be out in march, drop in sessions in April (date tbc), we implore that you engage with the process, as this will help us get it right.

*** Update 15 Aug 14. ***

The Playing Field Project Team (comprising of John Morphy, Jeff Morphy, Jo Keay, Andy Johnson and Daryl Faulkner) are currently waiting for a response from SNC with respect to some indicative drawings and pictures of the type of play equipment and club house designs that they have been looking at (all linked / posted within this page). It is only after this response that the team can sit down together and collate information and ideas to feedback and discuss with the village.

In the mean time a number of fundraising events have been held such as a car wash, open gardens and Summer Fayre & Village Show. These have been well supported and the money raised from all events will be placed in bank account that has been purposely created.

This is as much information as we currently have, but if you do have any questions or want to offer your help in anyway please feel free to contact any of the above listed people.

Once we have a response from SNC we will update everyone via as many means as possible.


The Project team have so far:

1. Sought advice and guidance from Northamptonshire Council Highways to gauge the viablity of the project.

2. Submitted a free ‘Pre-planning’ application to South Northants Council.

3. Are compiling information for a further ‘Pre-planning’ application to South Northants after they offered this step again for free. (*** Now in, see update above ***)

In summary the Highways agency replied that they had no objections to the outline proposal and provided us with guidance on certain areas which would need to be covered in any planning application should we reach that point.

These points were placed into the initial pre-planning application submitted along with a ‘indicitive’ drawing of what the site might look like in order to guage South Northants reaction. The reaction from this first pre-planning application was extremely positive, hence the invitation for a further free submission to enable us to provide them with additional ideas / information on what we might be looking at doing (i.e. suggested club house plans / play area design).

Indicitive Drawing for site

This 2nd pre-planning application is in the process of being submitted, however to answer some queries regarding planning references; we as yet DO NOT qualify for one, as planning permission has NOT yet been sought.

Possible Clubhouse Design

All drawings, photographs, submissions put to the various council bodies have up to this point been ideas of what the site / project might become, they do not represent finalised submissions to a full planning applicaiton.

The intent from the project team, is to hold an open session (more details tbc) once we have recieved the feedback from the 2nd pre-planning application to present to villagers our thoughts, and council feedback in order to gain a better understanding on if this is a viable project. It might even be possible at this stage to conduct a village poll on the matter. It is highly likely that this will not take place until at the earliest the end of Summer.

Any queries are happily recieved through either John Morphy (Project lead) or Andy Johnson.

13 Responses to Rothersthorpe Community Space Project

  1. avatar nick h says:

    Thank you for the feedback, you are correct all comments are on the website.
    To save others some trouble I have copied the address to the date which attracted the most comments (15off).
    To access these comments just cut and paste the address below into your web browser address bar.

    • avatar Myron says:

      With Regards to the Community Space Questionaire.
      Who will be collating the information and will there be an independant pressance when compiling the replies and report?

      I am also surprised that nothing was mentioned in this months village magazine to encourage peole to send in their completed questionaires.

      • avatar editor says:


        You are more than welcome to check our work when the time comes if you feel that is required. We did advertise the questionnaires in March’s newsletter, and have clearly labelled the questionnaire itself.

  2. avatar nick h says:

    Ref Marions comments on the playing field. I would like to confirm I saw and read the comments she was eluding to on the village web site prior to the playing fields committee being in place, I believe. I know this because I had several conversations with people in the village and also urged them to read the same.
    I think this is a very important point, if people have been consulted previously then this should be a matter of record. Could someone please confirm from either the village or the playing field committee that these records are indeed available. It is very important that there is a balanced view otherwise people may loose all confidence in the committee’s / councils and we don’t want that.

    • avatar editor says:


      The old comments are all still on the website. If you work your way back through the posts then they are all still available.


  3. avatar greencarpman says:

    The questionnaire is a good idea. You say about a blank plan? So is there scope for a complete resign of what has already been submitted?

    • avatar editor says:

      Nothing has been submitted yet as far as planning purposes go. We have simply tested the water to see what sort of thing SNC would agree to we the ‘pre-planning’ submissions. As stated, what we are now proposing is to imagine the site as empty and develop it in line with the responses we get back from the questionnaires.

  4. avatar Myron says:

    Good to hear that a questionnaire will be put out to the villagers for their comments re the playing field project.
    I would like to think that this questionnaire is transparent and gives all the right information so the villagers can make a fair judgement on what is being proposed.
    I feel some people think that this is just a playing field for children to come and play games etc, when in fact a football field is also being proposed for matches to be played between villages and also a clubhouse to be built. if so would the footmall field be open to children and dog walking and any other activities that are seen fit or would it be closed off and for matches only.
    Maybe as a suggestion should each item that is being proposed be listed seperately so comments and feedback can be given on each individual section.
    I feel this is the sort of information that people should be aware of to make a fair judgement on what would be placed in our village and what the villiagers actually would like.

    • avatar editor says:

      Ultimately the questionnaire has been viewed as the best possible method of gathering enough data from the village to make a meaningful suggestion as to how we should progress. I understand that some people are unsure of what has been suggested so far, however you’re only the 3rd person to comment on this page since its setup! The questionnaire will, as with all these things, only be worthwhile if people engage with it. As a commitee we’ve used the fascilities that almost every other village surrounding Rothersthorpe has as a model for our pre-planning applications, hence the football pitch / clubhouse / play area suggestions (please remember that this is new to all of the commitee as well), however we will be bound by the villages’ requirements (i.e. a majority). Currently NOTHING is planned (as stated above), so please let us know what you would like to see the field used for, and encourage others to do so.


  5. avatar Marion says:

    Thanks for the update regarding the Playing field Project. I would like to ask as to where have all the previous comments for this project gone? Surely they should all be attached to this for all to see and keep abreast of this the previous thoughts of the villagers and for future reference?

    • avatar editor says:


      These are all the comments that have been made on the website with regard to the playing field project. Most comments have been made verbally at Parish Council meetings. Hopefully the questionnaire will give people the opportunity to comment, the results of which will be published on this page…again for all to comment on.

  6. avatar Marion says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated regarding this project however, where are all the previous comments gone for for and against relating to this? Surely the earlier comments should be linked to this new information for all to see?

  7. avatar Michelle says:

    I will be keeping an eye here. I am moving to the village with 3 young children. A playing field would be lovely

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