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For Daily Newspapers including Sunday delivery can be ordered from Gary Greet, 78 Willowview, Kislingbury, 01604 830783.
These services have been recommended by a number of villagers.

Rothersthorpe Walks
If you’re looking for walks from the village take a look at the leaflet produced by Northamptonshire County Council. Click here…


Pest Control

South Northants council can deal with most pests for you, and can also offer professional advice. Here is some general information on some of the more common pests that we can provide you with information on:

Pests treated: Bees; Bed Bugs ; Black Ants; Carpet Beetles; Cluster Flies; Cockroaches; Fleas; Mice; Pigeons; Rats; Wasps

Charges – There is a reasonable charge for the service which includes visits for pest identification, advice and treatments. Treatments are charged for at a standard fixed price and if you would like a quotation please complete the online form. Payment is prefered at the time you book for a treatment and can be made using a debit or credit card by telephone.

Mobile Library Times
The Mobile Library visits every second Friday of the month from 4.30pm – 4.55pm in Church Street.
Please make the most of this facility where you can make local enquiries, council enquiries, bus pass registrations, large print books, children’s books and audio books. Join free without ID!

Heating Oil
Do you use heating oil? Have you found a dramatic increase in the cost? Would you be interested in hearing about ways to reduce your heating bills?
If so Northamptonshire ACRE would like to hear from you as they are looking into a scheme to organise bulk purchase of heating oil that could save you money. If you are interested in finding out more please contact the Rural Officer on 01604 825889 or email

Pot Holes
For several months I’ve been driving along Church Street banging into potholes and assuming that someone else had reported them. This week I went onto the council’s web site to report the problems and within two days the holes had been filled. So why didn’t I do this ages ago? Why didn’t someone else report them? No matter, it’s done and I feel good about it, next time I won’t leave it to someone else. What will you do?

The Memorial Garden continues to develop with the addition of the benches and there are more and more people using it. The information board gives details of the significant buildings in the village and a timeline of events.
The Parish Council wish to remind all users that the area is a memorial area and it should not be used for ball games.

Superfast Broadband – for further information on the issue of getting a better broadband service into the village then please click here…

5 Responses to News

  1. avatar Keith Snell says:

    Just news — I was able to order Infinity broadband from BT today, going live for me on 2nd December — so unless they have made a mistake, it’s here and they’re taking orders.

  2. avatar Samantha says:

    Is anybody else in the village excited about the new cabinet which has appeared? Hoping that speedy broadband is just around the corner. 🙂

    • avatar Suzi Ford says:

      Excited is not the word I would use, especially as I have found out that at Kislingbury Grange hamlet have fibre optic already. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

  3. avatar brenda ferguson says:

    Just to say how impressed I am with the Rothersthorpe website, a lot of hard work must have gone into to it well done!

    • avatar Stephen says:

      Hi Brenda – many thanks for your kind words. If you would like an item for the book club let me know. I’ve amended the user rights now so that you can add your own blog items and this can include photos, video, music, etc. It isn’t as straightforward as I’d like but I’m afraid that’s how the software works. Once again, thanks for your interest in the village web site.

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