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  1. avatar Stephen says:

    Live Comedy @ The Walnut Tree Blisworth
    We had been given a voucher for a comedy night performance and after trying to book into events in London we eventually decided to visit the Walnut Tree in Blisworth for their comedy night.
    You never know what you are going to get on a night like this and that’s all part of the event. It was advertised as: “Amiable and energetic humour from Australian stand-up and creator of late night comedy show The Phatcave, Mickey D. Also featuring James Sherwood, Toby Muresianu and MC Jim Grant.”

    The MC Jim Grant was really a waste of space and rather than getting everyone laughing he worried us that this was as good as it gets – thankfully it wasn’t. First up was James Sherwood who seemed relaxed and used a keyboard to analyse the poor grammar in popular songs and how they might sound if the grammar was corrected. He played Michael Jackson’s “I’m Bad” only to dryly say how prophetic that proved to be.

    Next was Toby Muresanu, an American with a machine gun delivery in a mumbling style which left us at a loss as to what he was saying and not even aware there had been a punch-line. He didn’t get out seal of approval however Jane spoke to a young person in the break who said they thought he was terrific and James Sherwood was too slow in his delivery so there’s no accounting for taste.

    Finally, up steps Mickey D, an Australian living in Birmingham. He mad the Brummie accent the butt of many of his jokes and he was very funny throughout his part of the gig. His timing was good, the variation in joke subject matter was well spread and he managed to maintain a thread all the way through. He was the best act of the night.

    Each act was separated by a break so people could go to the bar for a drink and although the MC said it was going to be 10 minutes most of the breaks were 25 minutes and the atmosphere had to be built up each time. It would have been better to stick to 10 minute breaks!

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