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We cannot prevent change, but what we can do is influence it. A Parish Plan can help our community to make change happen. Every Parish Plan should have a plan developed individually according to the parish. However, ACRE has a basic nine-step process that helps communities through the process:


  1. Get the community interested and involved
  2. Set up a Steering Group with wide representation from the community (containing no more than three parish councillors)
  3. Put together a strategy, budget and ‘programme/timescale of events’ on how you plan to undertake the plan
  4. Consult with the community
  5. Analyse the data, sorting and prioritising issues and start to form focus groups to take the actions forward
  6. Put a first draft of the document together to share with the community and partner organisations
  7. Take on board any comments from the community and produce the final document
  8. Start to implement the action plan
  9. Regularly review and update on progress

The village plan was approved by the Parish Council on Monday 30th July. To see a copy click here…

For suggestions for future inclusion please contact:; 01604 830321

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  2. avatar editor says:

    Village Survey Results
    There will be a meeting in the Village Hall on Monday 28th May at 7.30pm to discuss the survey results and develop a series of actions for the village that will become the village plan.
    To read the survey outcome click here…
    To save the Parish Council costs I do not intend printing the results for every household so if you would like a printed copy before the meeting then please let me know and I will get sufficient copies printed up.
    The more people who attend the better for the future of the village. Look forward to seeing you on 28th May.
    Steve McCarthy (Parish Councillor)

  3. avatar Stephen says:

    The Parish Council reviewed the village survey at last night’s meeting and approved the circulation. It was suggested that when the surveys are distributed they should be contained within a plastic envelope with the day/date when they will be collected.

  4. avatar Stephen says:

    The village survey is now ready. After it has been reviewed by the Parish council it will be distributed in the first week of February and collected two weeks after that. If you have any questions about the survey or how it will be distributed please contact me: or 01604 830321
    Best wishes – Steve

  5. avatar Stephen says:

    After an interesting meeting on Monday 5 December a revised version of the village survey is out for comment. It was agreed that once all comments had been reviewed the survey would go to the Parish Council on 16th January and then circulated by volunteers in the first week of February and the same people doing house to house collections after two weeks. We’re hoping for an 80% return so that we can develop a plan that is supported by as many people as possible.

  6. avatar editor says:

    The first draft of the village survey is out for comment and the suggestions received will be discussed at a meeting on 5th December. After the meeting a second draft will be distributed for final comment.
    The survey will then be submitted to the Parish Council for information on 16th January with the intention of delivering the survey to every household with the February newsletter.

  7. avatar editor says:

    Village Survey
    The Parish Plan Group are reviewing a draft survey with the intention of delivering them to every household early in the New Year. The survey will be used to develop the village plan which will help shape the future of our village. This may affect every person in the village going forward and therefore it is important that we gather the right sort of information from as many of you as possible. Please take the time to complete the survey and encourage others to do so. With your involvement and help we can make the village an even better place to live. Many thanks, Steve McCarthy, parish planning group
    If you have any suggestions either drop them through the door at the Pig Yard on Church Street or email me:

  8. avatar editor says:

    First Meeting Agenda
    ■Our aims
    ■Scope of our activities
    ■What we need to do to get the ball rolling

    Other possible points for discussion:
    Transport; Mobile Library; Other Libraries visited; Mobile shop; Milk delivery; Tesco, Sainsbury or other supermarket deliveries; Footpaths and footways; Access to the countryside; Preservation of the countryside; Playing fields; Housing; General development including expansion of the village envelope; Church; School; Village Hall; Pub; an occasional surgery date with our MP, District Councillor and County Councillor; Village Activities.

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