Dickens Field Trust Update March 2020

It seems ages since we last provided you with an update but a lot of what we have been working on has been groundwork preparation that is necessary but not very interesting so we wanted to move on a bit further before we got back in touch.
So here it goes…… We have set up a constitution and registered as a Charity with the ‘Charity’s Commission’. This has allowed us to access legal support and helps when applying for funding.In the last couple of weeks the lease has been finalised and we are in the process of tying up the last few details. We have had the 3 pre- development conditions signed off by South Northants Council which consisted of conducting a  contamination survey, an archaeological survey and having a landscaping scheme approved (both for the tree planting for the security border and the hard landscaping for the path into the play area).Now that these have been discharged we can begin on work on the site. We applied for some free trees and shrubs from the Woodland Trust and a charity called ‘I dig Trees’, these applications were both successful, Laura Clarke (leader of the Eco Council at the primary school) has also ordered some additional trees which will arrive in the next week or so.  We have marked out where the trees will go and Steven Dellar has kindly offered to  help drive a digger to remove the top layer of soil to prepare the site (this is happening this week).  We have 2 planting weekends planned for which we require volunteers. These are on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March and then if needed Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March. Both weekends will start at 10am, if you are available meet on site (you will need to use the emergency entrance along Banbury Lane which will be sign posted, or alternatively if you meet at the cemetery at 9.45am we can walk you down).We have started  making some funding applications to the National Lottery, Postcode Lottery, Tesco Bags for help and the Grand Union Housing Group and will be applying to the London Marathon Charity Trust before the deadline in May.  Whilst we are talking about fundraising we kindly received a grant of £550 from Bugbrooke Community Café which we will be using to purchase and gate and posts to allow a  maintenance access behind the planted security border. The WI also made a kind donation of £126 from the quiz they held.  Community fundraising events have included 2 Sunday meals, the Christmas Meat Raffle and the New Year’s Eve Party- all of which have been well supported.  Moving forward we are planning on holding a further meat raffle, car wash, American Night and Halloween at the Pop Up Social Club as well as a talk by the son of the man that the ‘Kinky Boots’ story is about- watch this Space! If you have any ideas for fundraising, or would like to be involved please let one of us know.The next step will be to work with highways to have the entrance approved and then seek funding for this work, hopefully some of which will be provided by highways themselves as without a safe highway access to a ‘community facility’ is being denied! The good news is that we have full support from the District Councillor Karen Cooper so hopefully she will use her influence to help us press forward with this!Finally we have our first AGM planned for Thursday April 9th at 7.30pm in the committee room. The agenda for this will be published nearer to the time. We hope to see you there!I think that is about it for now, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support so far and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to talk to one of us.
Regards Jodie (on behalf of the Dickens Field Trust)

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