New Home Bonus Grant 2019

20th Sept 2019

The Parish Council can now confirm the update of the street lights is now almost complete, we have 14 of the 15 proposed upgrades installed. Unfortunately one of the wooden posts was deemed by EON to require replacing and we are proposing to replace this with a metal post.
The new lights reduce night sky light pollution, improve efficiency and focus the light where it is required with a higher intensity.

As some of you may be aware SNC offer New Homes Bonus Grants and this year Rothersthopre Parish Council were successful in their application for a grant. We will use the grant money to upgrade the street ligths in the village. This work should start sometime in Aug 2019 and we will upgrade 15 lamps. The main focus of the upgrade will be around the Kislingbury cross roads, the school and the open space project.

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  1. avatar Jodie Johnson says:

    Fab work! Well done Nick

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