Community Space Update

We’d like to provide an update on the Community Space. Firstly we haven’t progressed as much as we would have liked since the last meeting so think it is best to cancel the meeting planned for the 15th November. We have attached the Draft minutes from the first meeting here for you to read. We have progressed in engaging a number of play equipment providers, although need a third visit to ensure we research as wide a range of local offerings as possible and understand a competitive cost. We also believe we’ve identified the correct documentation to put the legal requirements in place for the space; we just need to arrange for some advice on how to develop the exact wording we require and to engage a solicitor to set it all up. To do this we need to make a decision on a name for the space and therefore the Trust. Name suggestions will be distributed via a number of methods in the next week or so and we’d ask you to vote for your favourite. Lastly as mentioned at the previous meetings we are looking to recruit a few more members on the committee. If you would be interested in joining us please let us know, also if you have any questions feel free to ask.


The Community Space Committee.

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