Rothersthorpe Dog and Village Show – Saturday 15th September

Dog Show
Dog Show Classes (£1 per entry per class)
The dog show is just for fun, please bare that in mind when taking part.
Everyone is welcome but this isn’t Crufts!! Rosettes will be presented to the first
3 winners of each class. The classes are as follows:

• Best puppy (up to 12 months)
• Best Yearling (12-24 months)
• Best adult (2-7 years)
• Best veteran (7 years +)
• Best coat
• Prettiest eyes
• Most handsome dog (any age)
• Most handsome bitch (any age)
• Waggiest tail
• Best junior Handler (under 10 years)
• Best junior Handler (under 10-16 years)

Fruit and Vegetable show classes (£1 per entry per class)

Specimens should be clean, free from blemishes and even in shape.
Where a number of specimens are requested these should be the same size.
Onions should have their outer layers of skin on, and tomatoes should have their green ‘calyx’ where the fruit joins on to the plant still present.
The judge looks for quality before ‘show presentation’. The classes are as follows:

• Five pods of runner beans
• Three tomatoes
• Three carrots
• Three onions
• Three potatoes
• Specimen vegetable (s) other than above (one variety only)
• Heaviest marrow (will be judged purely on weight)
• Three dessert apples
• Three cooking apples
• Specimen fruit-other than above (one variety only)
• One jar of homemade jam-any kind made this year
• One jar homemade marmalade-made this year
• One jar homemade chutney
• Fruit cake made in 7 or 8 inch tin
• Victoria sponge made in 7 or 8 inch tin
• An apple pie
• Five cheese scones
• Homemade bread
• Six shortbread biscuits

Entries to both shows can be made on the day between 11.30am and 12.30pm. If you would like any more information please contact Jodie on 07875478976 or Val Bridges on 07515647309

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