Update from Rail Central LLG

This is to provide the November update to participants in the Rail Central LLG and keep you informed.
We continue to progress our technical work and develop further detail on our proposals so that we can carry out Phase Two consultation and then proceed to submission of an application for a Development Consent Order (DCO).
Much of the work is now completed or at an advanced stage.  As reported in the October update, Highways forms an important part of the overall package of information we are developing and we anticipate moving forward from our discussions with Highways England and Northamptonshire County Council so that all of the relevant information can be assembled for consultation.  As you will be aware, we are looking at both the main site and at J15A of the M1 as we bring together the information that will form the Preliminary Environmental Information (PEI) for consultation.   
We continue to anticipate carrying out Phase Two Consultation in early 2018.
Once we have completed the work required to enable us to proceed to Phase Two consultation, we will update the LLG and, in addition, advertise details on the consultation extensively.
If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing railcentral@camargue.uk or by calling 0845 543 8967

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