Outline Planning Permission – S/2017/2620/MAO

A proposal for outline planning permission for up to 66 dwellings to be located on the land south of Kislingbury Road, Rothersthorpe has been received by SNC. To view details of the application and submit comments you can visit the council’s online planning register here using the planning reference above. Comments need to be submitted by 22nd November 2017.

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3 Responses to Outline Planning Permission – S/2017/2620/MAO

  1. avatar Joe Considine says:

    Not sure if people are aware, the decision is being appealed. All original objections will be used though any new views or objections must be submitted by 5th September. I received an email on the 1st august advising appeal date was 25th July with above closing date from SNC.

  2. avatar Dave Bains says:

    We are opposed to new houses being built in Rothersthorpe. In my opinion, 66 houses seems like too many houses in one area for the village to take.
    If every house has two cars that means an extra 132 vehicles plus in the area. From the plans that we have seen, the access point seems to be on the Kislingbury Road. This road gets very congested as it is and with these extra cars at peak times it will be grid locked – up to the cross roads. This can also cause accidents as the access is on a blind bend and there are vehicles already parked on the narrow C road. Stationally cars will be highly polluting to the village. It will adversely effect the balance of the village.

    There are no local amenities in this area, no post office, shop ,pub. The village primary school is already over subscribed. With 66 new properties, if every house has 2 children- where are they going to go? The village has no natural gas. It is known that people do not want LPG/oil.

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