Highways Update – Mumford Drive / Grafton Way / Ardens Grove

In the summer I reported the potholes in Mumford Drive, Grafton Way and Ardens Grove to Street Doctor and asked the residents to also report any pot holes out side their houses. I know that Shayne Major also reported the pot holes in Church Street. I have since been around the estate and realised that nothing had been done so reported them again over the Christmas Holidays. I have now received the following response from NCC:

There has been an update to your Street Doctor report, reference number [850130]
‘Site has been visited and currently defects do not meet NCC intervention level, site will be monitored by highway safety inspectors.. Referred to Richard Malyszewicz’.
Thank you for contacting the Street Doctor at Northamptonshire County Council.

I advise that we keep pushing the issue so if you could report the pot holes quoting the reference number shown above then we can hopefully force NCC to take action. Jodie Johnson

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4 Responses to Highways Update – Mumford Drive / Grafton Way / Ardens Grove

  1. avatar Geoffrey Newton says:

    Condition of verges on the approach to the village are a disgrace. Who is responsible for the rectification of the damage done by the contractors?

    • avatar editor says:

      I believe the PC may have been in touch with the company responsible for the solar farm (who I assume have contracted out the ground work for their cabling which has caused all the damage to the verges). I will enquire some more, or it might be worth turning up to the next open session of the PC to make your views known.

  2. avatar Keith Snell says:

    What’s the disruption on Banbury lane about? Been going on nearly 2 months now and continues — be nice to know what’s going on as they mess the road up right through the village.

    • avatar editor says:

      I believe the disruption is due to the Solar Farm planned for ‘garbage’ (at least that’s what my wife calls the area which links kislingbury road to Banbury lane). I’m led to believe it should almost be complete…….however we’re due more disruption soon as Western Power will be digging North St up in order to bury the villages power cables in an effort to modernise our ‘grid’ and ensure we do not suffer future disruption should we have a storm etc. I believe they may be briefing that Parish Council this Monday coming at the meeting at 7.30pm.

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